Matching Vents for Floating Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Matching Flush Mount Vents For Floating Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Our PATENTED System Brings The Beauty Of Matching Flush Mount Vents To Floating Luxury Vinyl Flooring 


Matching Flush Mount Vents

Matching  Flush Mount Vents aren't just for Hardwood anymore!

Our Patented system takes the realism of Waterproof Luxury Vinyl to the next level.


Repeatable Results

With our coated solid steel templates, you can be assured a quality installation every time. The rugged construction allows the template to be used over and over again!


Multiple Sizes Available

We are happy to offer a variety of sizes including

 2x12, 4x10, 4x12, 2x14, 4x14, and 6x12.

Where Can You Find Perfect Vents?

Our Vents are only available through flooring retailers.

 Check out our Dealer locator page to see if you have a local dealer.